• Blackview Rugged Smartphones USA

    Sold by SWT International. The only stateside distributor in U.S. We ensure you have the best experience with Blackview Rugged phones. Ships from U.S. 3 Days Expedited Delivery. 1-Year U.S. Warranty.

  • Range of Blackview Phones for U.S.

    Activates for AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile with 4G & VoLTE or your full money back.

    BV9900 Pro Budget Rugged Phone  United States

    Thermal Vision

    Blackview BV9900 PRO: Fastest Rugged Smartphone with FLIR Thermal Camera.

    BV9900E Slim Rugged Phone Android 10 United States

    Great for most

    Blackview BV9900E: 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. Best choice for most.

    BV5100 Budget Rugged Phone  United States

    For Enterprise

    Blackview BV5100: Mid-range rugged phone with Wireless Charging.


    Carrier Activation Guaranteed. U.S. Warranty.

    Works with AT&T, Verizon & T-Mobile

    Compatible with USA Carriers

    Only our devices have the ability to activate with AT&T & Verizon. Both 4G/LTE data and VoLTE/HD Voice works. Don't worry about the 3G Shutdown in Feb 2022.

    1 Year USA Warranty

    Don't Be Without Your Phone

    Repairs are done locally. Read our 1 Year USA Warranty policy. We aim to get your phone back to you in two weeks. Have a hassle free experience without having to deal with overseas communication and taxes.

    Authorized Agent

    Officially Authorized by Blackview

    SWT International Pte. Ltd. is an authorized agent for the Blackview Brand in the USA. We are the only company providing warranty in the U.S. Without a U.S warranty, you will have to send your spoilt phone overseas which takes a huge cost and time. We do not accept warranty claims if you bought from other sellers.

    3 Day Delivery

    Receive Your Phone ASAP

    Orders are shipped via Expedited Shipping from our U.S. warehouse. You will receive delivery within 3-5 business days in the contiguous United States. Shipping is free.

    30 Days 1-1 Exchange/Refund

    Get a Replacement Quickly

    If there's an issue and you are not satisfied with your device, we can do a 1-1 replacement within 30 days. Refunds are also available without a restocking fee within 30 days of delivery.

    Tempered Glass

    Screen Protector

    Free 9H Tempered Glass inside your Phone box. For an added extra protection to your chosen Blackview device right out of the box.

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