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The Best Place to Buy a Blackview Rugged Smartphone in 2020

Here are 7 things to consider before buying a new Blackview Rugged Smartphone.

Where is the best place to buy a Blackview Rugged Smartphone? This is one of the questions that is frequently asked by our customers.

The answer to that question is both easy and hard at the same time. Easy, because you can go to Amazon, Ebay or any stores online and purchase.

Hard, because there is no company like Blackview US Store that would ensure the quality of your Blackview Rugged Smartphones and after sales service.

Taking time to research and read this article might sound a little more tedious and time consuming than just going to different stores in Amazon and searching for the lowest price. However, in the long run, it increases your chances of saving money and ending up with a smartphone that would give you peace of mind while enjoying all of its features on your daily activities.

To help you out with that, here is a set of store criteria that everyone who is planning to purchase a Blackview Rugged Smartphone online should consider.

  1. Do they provide a clear warranty and exchange/refund policy?
  2. Do they have good customer service?
  3. Do they have a Physical Service Location in the US?
  4. Do they conduct extra rounds of Quality Control?
  5. Does the store provide instant information on shipping time and tracking?
  6. Are you aware of the additional charges that might shock you?
  7. Is their price reasonable?

1. Do they provide a clear warranty and exchange/refund policy?

Believe it or not, 10% of the total manufactured items are usually defective, there is no 100% factory guarantee. There will always be imperfections because of several factors such as human error, logistics handling, etc.

Blackview Rugged Smartphone United States

Since you don't have any idea of your purchased product's quality until you hold it in your hands, open the box, and test it out for yourself, since some of the stores online don't conduct an extra round of quality control, returning things that you bought online are common. It's important to go through and ask about the warranty and exchange/refund policy before making a purchase.

Take note, several sites are misleading and people tend to forget the importance of the warranty policy because they are very concerned about how much they can save with the low prices offered by these sites. They have vague return policies that can leave you with no options to return it and refuse to carry out replacements when you receive a faulty product.

2. Do they have good customer service?

Customer service is usually one of the problems customers face when purchasing online. When a customer decides to reach out and sends an email, clicks on the live chat button or calls the number listed on the store website they get a slow reply or in some instances, no reply at all. Sounds familiar, does it?

It can be a store offering the cheapest price point out there, but with bad customer service is it worth the risk?

Blackview Rugged Smartphone United States

Imagine buying a Blackview Rugged Smartphone in which you "saved" a few hundred bucks. But suddenly, when you need software updates, warranty, and technical issues related concerns. There is no one there to help you out quickly.

Too much of a hassle on your part is it? Or worst is if your phone won't work and to no use, it's probably much throwing your money and phone together down the drain.

3. Do they have a Physical Service Location in the US?

When purchasing Blackview Rugged Smartphones online, it's important to think ahead and check where you can repair your Smartphone easily especially if you are looking to use your Smartphone as part of your daily activities.

Most of the Blackview Rugged Smartphones available online are mostly coming from Asian countries or countries outside the United States.

Now, can you imagine the hassle of shipping the product back to Hongkong, pay handling fees, wait for a few months, and to be surprised that you are still facing some issues when your Smartphone is returned back to you?

Blackview Rugged Smartphone United States

Blackview US Store can provide physical store addresses so customers can claim their product and serve them physically with their concerns.

That also means less fees, less hassle, less time consumed, and more peace of mind knowing that your Smartphone is within your country of residence.

4. Do they conduct extra rounds of Quality Control?

The biggest dilemma when buying online is that you do not have any guarantee of the product's quality that you will receive. That is why we always tend to check reviews whether the previous customer got their products 100% how the advertisements describe it or not. Unfortunately, not all reviews are reliable and all the research on the world wide web can't assure you with a product's quality.

Blackview Rugged Smartphone United States

That is why Blackview US Store made it a point to ensure quality by doing an extra round of quality control on all the Blackview Rugged Smartphone products that they have in stock.

We don't do it for only our customers' sake, we do it for both parties to save on time and expenses in the long run. Because who will our customers call and reach out to if we sold them faulty products?

5. Does the store provide instant information on shipping time and tracking?

After purchasing a product online, the next question that would probably come to your mind is "When will my purchase reach my address?"

Transit time also plays an important role, of course, you cannot wait all day stuck at your home to make sure you don't miss the delivery personnel knocking on your door. Or be surprised cause your phone is ringing while you are out for work or grub with your friends and suddenly you need to rush at home cause no one is there to take care and receive your delivery.

Blackview Rugged Smartphone United States

That is why choosing a store that can provide you instant information on the shipping time and tracking of your purchased product is important. Not only for your peace of mind that your purchase product is shipped, not only to save you from being surprised and missing some important meetings and dates with your friends but so you can also plan your day ahead and make sure that you can take care of the delivery when the delivery personnel knock on your door.

6. Are you aware of the additional charges that might shock you?

Blackview Rugged Smartphone United States

Online shopping is definitely a convenience to customers. Comparing different products, getting the lowest price possible, having different payment options, and having the products delivered to their doorstep without any hassle are the several factors why customers love purchasing online.

Take note, when goods move from any foreign country to the United States, they are being IMPORTED.

That's why the duties and shipping costs that are applied to a purchase from retailers outside the United States can shock their customers.

This can mean that the item that you bought online that you thought is way cheaper, turned out to be more expensive than if you bought it from your country of residence.

How can you avoid this?

When you plan to purchase a Blackview Rugged Smartphone, you can avoid this by purchasing a product that is already located in the United States. So you won't be shocked by several fees that were not mentioned by your retailer.

So if you are from the United States and you are looking to get your own Blackview Rugged Smartphone you can visit Blackview US Store and purchase within your country of residence - the United States.

7. Is their price reasonable?

You can buy a Blackview Rugged Smartphone from different platforms online sold by different sellers at different prices and that's a fact that we cannot deny.

Blackview Rugged Smartphone United States

Nowadays, people would always look out for a sale or the lowest price possible available. Either they get in touch directly with the manufacturer or find a store that has an extremely low price compared to all identical products listed. Because who doesn't want to save a few extra hundred bucks right?

Buying Directly from the manufacturer is cheap, but there are many downfalls that accompany this action.

Manufacturers only provides service warranty at their location. That means it would take a long time to get your Blackview Rugged Smartphone fixed, and in some instances send it back to their location if there are further issues.

Manufacturers don't have an obligation to obtain regulations from the government in where the customer is located for selling the products. This would bear several risks at your part, and, guess what, they are not obligated to answer your queries or concerns.

Buying from resellers such as Blackview US Store would charge at a higher price with their products and services. But, take note, they are obliged to provide accurate information for regulators to obtain government approval to sell the products, attend to all of the customers' queries or concerns about the product, and to provide after-sale support that customers can rely on without any hidden cost.

Blackview Rugged Smartphone United States

Saving a few hundred bucks isn't always the best idea. Imagine purchasing the cheapest Blackview Rugged Smartphone listed on the web that saved you a few hundred bucks then suddenly, after a month of using the smartphone, a faulty technical issue that makes the phone no use pops out.

The next step is for you to ship your phone back to China or any country outside the United States where you purchased it from which would cost you additional charges back and forth. And not to mention for the waiting time of around 1-2 months before it reaches back to you.

So much for saving a few hundred bucks right?

In Summary

There are many places where you can buy Blackview Rugged Smartphones in the United States. You can buy on various platforms online and offline sold by different sellers at different prices. Or if you want to be sure you can buy in Blackview US Store that would ensure quality and that the product is up to both global and Blackview US Store standards.

A smartphone is your companion in your daily activities and not only for one-time usage. Buying from a reputable seller that would provide you with all the information that you need, an extra round of top quality control, clear warranty policy, refund policy, manage your shipping with extra care, and can provide you outstanding after-sales support that you can rely on without any hidden cost is important.

If you are looking to buy your Blackview Rugged Smartphone in the United States, try to check out Blackview US Store to make sure you get an end to end quality experience and customer service.

In Blackview US Store, we have committed to providing an exceptional buying experience.

  • Our team will inspect your purchased product to make sure that it's cleared with all the quality measure checklist held by Blackview US Store and secure the packaging before we ship to protect it from any potential damage during transit.
  • Assist you with a quick response to any queries and problems that you might experience. We are here to help!
  • Provide Warranty and Refund Policy details for every Blackview product that you would purchase from us.
  • Provide physical after-sale support at US physical center located at 1940 Fountain View Dr #1065 Houston, TX 77057-3206.
Blackview Rugged Smartphone United States

Blackview US Store ensures that we care by providing you the quality of the product and service that you paid for.

For Further Help

Please contact us at +1-832-384-8988 between 9am – 6pm on weekdays or email us at for more details.

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