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How to fix no 4G, no 3G, no HD Voice on Blackview smartphones with AT&T and Verizon

Why you might not have Service

Verizon and AT&T uses a IMEI whitelist of determine if the model of your phone is a model they support. Officially, all Blackview phones are not on the whitelist. Officially, only phones sold by each carrier are on the whitelist. This means that you might not have 4G service, HD Voice or VoLTE support or maybe even no 3G Service.

On your AT&T/Verizon Account, there is sometimes a specific IMEI number tagged to your account. Your SIM card would expect you to use the same phone. If you put your SIM card into another phone, it might also not work.

In this tutorial, we will give you a secret Blackview Code that allows you to change the IMEI of your Blackview phone so you can potentially get it working on your network.

Try changing the IMEI to your previous phone

  1. Insert your sim to your older phone. Ensure that there is 4G and HDVoice.
  2. Write down IMEI 1 of your Blackview phone. This is in case you need to change it back later.
  3. Write down your IMEI of your older phone that is used on AT&T/Verizon. It must support 4G and VoLte/HDVoice.
  4. Power off the older phone. 
  5. Switch on your Blackview phone. 
  6. The following steps are on your Blackview phone.
  7. Open the phone dialer app
  8. Enter in the dial interface: *#*#8688#*#* 
  9. Modify the IMEI number of slot 1 to your older phone. 
  10. Restart the phone to verify. 
  11. Enter in the dial interface: *#06#
  12. Verify that your Blackview phone now has the IMEI of your older phone 
  13. Power off your Blackview phone
  14. Move the SIM card from your current phone to the Blackivew phone. Place the SIM into Slot 1.
  15. Power on your Blackview phone

For AT&T User, use APN: Nextgenphone

1. Go to Settings select Network & Internet

2. select Mobile Network

3. Select Advanced

4. Select Access Point Names - select option ATT Nextgenphone.

If we solved your problem, please leave a thumbs up in the comments below. Help others by letting others know the network carrier that you are on and the Blackview phone model that you are using.