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Buying Blackview Smartphones from Amazon or Ebay?

Are you interested in buying a Blackview phone and when you do a search, you see that the top google results are from Amazon and Ebay? Before you proceed, please ensure you are buying from a reputable seller.

Beware when buying Blackview Phones from Amazon and Ebay.

We are writing this article because MANY buyers come to us after they have purchased a Blackview phone. Phones are sensitive electronics and a portion might develop a fault after a few months. That is what after sales warranty services are for. However due to the way Blackview is structured, each seller is responsible for their own warranty.

Blackview as the manufacturer only accepts warranty request from their own store ( (“For smartphones, customer can enjoy the 12-month free repair warranty on Blackview Store.“). Blackview Store in this cases refers to purchase on

Blackview does not accept warranty request if your sets are bought from Amazon and Ebay sellers. Each seller is responsible for their own warranty.

When you buy from Amazon/Ebay, the products are sold by third party sellers. You can see whom you are buying from the bottom of your Add to Cart button. Look for the “Sold by” text.

Do note that ANYONE can sell on Amazon. They do not even need to be a company and most of the time, they are not even in the US. Click on the seller’s name. Look at the business name and address. Do you trust it? Is there a phone number to call so you can directly to the seller?

Amazon only covers you 30 days from purchase of a product. After 30 days, it is between you and the seller. Phones generally have a 1 year warranty. What do you think will happen to your warranty request if you have no way to reach a seller?

Here are some additional points to check

  1. Check Reviews of that seller

    1. If they have less than 4 Stars, that is a big warning. Most sellers have 4.5 stars and upwards

    2. Check the written feedback. Are they about the blackview phone or other things? Do they look like real reviews? Be wary as many Amazon does have a bulk review problem.

  2. Check if seller is Blackview Focused

    1. Click on Products. Are most of the products phone or blackview related? If they are not, it means this is a trading company. They are unlikely to offer you any technical help when you need it.

  3. Check if the seller can be found online

    1. You have done your Amazon research. Now try to see if that seller can be found outside of Amazon. If you can’t find them now, do you think you are able to contact them directly?

    2. If you do find them, are you able to determine if they are a Blackview Authorised Seller? If they are not Authorized, it means they do not do enough business with Blackview. Would you trust a company that does not sell many phones a year? They will unlikely have the technical skills and parts to repair your phone.

So far we have mainly discussed about buying from within the Amazon ecosystem. Please also read “The Best Place to Buy a Blackview Rugged Smartphone in 2020” for more factors to consider for when buying your Blackview Smartphone.

In case you would still like to transact via Amazon to take advantage of their Prime program, we do offer a limited selection of models on our Amazon Store Front.

  1. Our Amazon Store Front

  2. BV9900 Silver

  3. BV9800 Pro Grey

The prices on Amazon are higher than what we charge on our main site as Amazon charges an extra fee. Please do consider buying directly from us ( instead.

Remember when you buy from us (, you are buying from an authorized agent with a presence in the US.

30 Days 1-1 Exchange/Refund - If there's an issue and you are not satisfied with your device, we can do a 1-1 replacement within 30 days. Refunds are also available without a restocking fee within 30 days.

US Models: Compatible with US Carriers: We ensure that our models are network unlocked and compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile & Verizon. We have confirmed that both 4G LTE Data and 4G/HD Voice works.
If you are unable to activate your set, we will refund your purchase within the first 30 days.

1 Year US Warranty - Don't Be Without Your Phone: Repairs are done locally. Read our 1 Year US Warranty policy. This means that you will never have to pay for shipping and wait for two months to have your phone serviced in China. Beware when buying Blackview Phones from Amazon and Ebay. Blackview does not accept warranty from Amazon and Ebay sellers.

Next Day Shipping - Receive Your Phone ASAP: Online orders will be shipped next business day from the United States using Expedited Shipping from our Warehouse. You will receive delivery within 3-4 business days in the United States. Shipping is free.

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