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FAQ for Blackview Phones and Problems

Warranty, Repair, Software Fixes for Blackview phones.

I have a spoilt Blackview smartphone, but it’s not purchased from

Please note that we are a Global Agent for Blackview. However, we only provide a warranty for Blackview Phones sold by us. We only support products that are purchased from our store. If the product is purchased from some reseller please contact your point of purchase.

I have a spoilt Blackview smartphone. I purchased it from

If you purchased the set from us, please email us at with the following Information.

  1. Device model & IMEI

For device hardware and software issues

  1. Please provide us with a detailed explanation of the problems or a video that captures the problems.
  2. When did the problem occur?
  3. How frequently does the problem occur? (If problem are intermittent)
  4. Did you notice crashing issues with applications or application functionality issues?

For carrier network issues please provide us with the following

  1. The carrier that is being used
  2. Details of the plan and the type of network that is being used
  3. Does your SIM card work in your previous phone with 4G?
  4. Does your SIM card work in your previous phone with HD Voice?
  5. What is the Brand and Model of your previous phone?

Can I buy parts from

Though we do not sell any standalone parts at the moment. but we do recommend you to check out and for Blackview parts.

Are Blackview phones compatible with carriers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint?

We ensure that our Blackview mobile phones models are compatible with carriers like AT&T mobile, T-mobile, and Verizon, also it has been confirmed that services like 4G LTE Data and 4G/HD voice functionality works properly.

Please read our guide and experience for individual models tested on various United States carriers (BV9800/BV9800 Pro & BV9900).

Why do our phones cost more?

We provide services and warranty coverage in the USA that other resellers do not.

30 Days 1-1 Exchange
We also provide a 30-days exchange policy if the user is not satisfied or there is an issue in the device, there is a refund availability option available as well with a 10% restocking fee.

1 Year USA warranty
Your phone will not go to China for two months and be shipped back here. It will be repaired in the United States itself.

Next Day Shipping
Receive your phone earliest possible, Online orders will be shipped next business day from the United States and with collaboration with Amazon Warehouse our fast delivery channels enable us to deliver your mobile phone within 2-3 days business days in the United States and the delivery is free.

Where are you located?

Our headquarters are located in Houston, Texas.

Why are not all Blackview models available on your store?

All the phones that are currently available in our store are compatible with various USA carriers and networks. Some models have issues with the networks and thus are not available. We are constantly testing other models. As models are confirmed to be network compatible, we will make them available.

Troubleshooting your Blackview devices

If you are unable to activate your set with Verizon and AT&T carrier

Please try this IMEI change tutorial. If none of the above works, please contact us and we will process your refund within the first 30 days without any restocking fee.

Phone call leads to Black Screen

Please checkout How to Calibrate distance sensor

Blackview Recovery Mode

You need to switch off the mobile phone by holding down the power button, when prompted, tap on the power off. If you are unable to tap on power off, simply hold down the power button for several seconds till the device turns off.

Once your mobile phone is off, pressing and holding the Volume + Key and Power button together until you see the Blackview logo on Screen. When the Blackview logo appears then release the power button but not the volume + button, keep holding it until the wrecked android screen appears with the “No command” text appears.

Now Tap Power and volume + button once, You should see the Android system recovery options list.
For navigation up and down press the volume + button and Volume - for selection (*note different model might have different Navigate and selection button)

Some useful options to select are:
Reboot system now: this option will restart the device normally.
Wipe data/factory reset: this option will wipe all of your data - photos, videos, music, apps, everything, and return your phone to its original factory condition. This will also wipe the cache partition. It's recommended especially after a ROM update or to fix some bad problems.
Wipe cache partition: this option will delete temporary system data, only related to app installations: you will not lose any personal data or settings. Wiping the cache partition can sometimes fix issues and device slowdowns.

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