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Why is the Blackview model I’m looking for not available in the US store?

Why are the newer models like BL6000 Pro and BL5000 not available?
Why are the older models like BV9100, BV9600, BV9700 not available as well?

Not all Blackview devices are FCC-certified. 

Blackview has been known to produce the most durable outdoor rugged smartphones. It has been enjoyed by many people around the globe, mostly in countries that utilize the GSM network. However, there are still other countries that use network frequency bands that are not supported by most of these devices. In the United States, the carrier Verizon still utilizes the CDMA frequency.  

We at SWT International know the limitations the users can experience through their chosen carriers in the United States and this is why we have decided to only list devices with FCC certification. Devices that can work even on Verizon. 

Back when we first launched in late 2020, the total phone we’ve listed were already a total of eight(8) devices. All of which worked and activated well on AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and their subcarrier brands(Straighttalk, Cricket Wireless, Consumer Cellular, Mint Mobile, etc.) and they all work great on 4G/LTE network with VoLTE and HD Voice enabled. We were already enroute to adding more devices to this list.

AT&T, Verizon Activation changes due to 3G Shutdown in Feb 2022

 But around the middle of 2021, Verizon and AT&T suddenly made some changes with their activation. The reason is the phasing out of 2G and 3G connectivity in the US. For some reason, they have also chosen to stop activating phones from brands that they do not carry and Blackview is one of them. Even though we have already tested our devices and have confirmed that they work well under their 4G/LTE networks. 

Because of the activation changes, we had to go back to the drawing board, did research, and finally found a way to get around the activation. We had to equip our phones with a program that can bypass the activation. And not all of our FCC-certified Blackview devices can be equipped with the said program. This is the reason our listing had been narrowed down to only a few devices left.

To conclude, here are the likely reasons the device you are looking for is not available in the US Store:

  1. The model is likely still not yet FCC-Certified and will likely not work in the United States.
  2. It can't be equipped with a program that can bypass Verizon and AT&T activations.
  3. The model might have already reached its End-of-Life stage(manufacturing has been stopped).

Lastly, you will likely find the device you're looking for at a different website or from eBay or Amazon. But we do feel the need to warn you about buying from somewhere else - to Buy at your own risk.  Only our devices have the ability to activate with AT&T & Verizon. Other sellers even with the same model will not be able to activate. Both 4G/LTE data and VoLTE/HD Voice work on our devices. No need to worry about the 3G Shutdown in Feb 2022.

SWT International is the ONLY approved distributor that has a Service Center in the United States. This means you won't have to ship your phone all the way to China or Hong Kong to claim a warranty and wait for months, in the event that some issues arise.

Use "10FORNEW" for orders over $299 and new customers only. We hope you will enjoy your purchase with us

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